Recognizing that the Bible is the very word of the Living God to man, and
understanding the priority of knowing and obeying its truths, New Life Fellowship
Church is totally committed to preaching, teaching and studying Scripture with
diligence and authority.

The focus of each worship service and Bible study, is the proclamation of God's
matchless Word. The Word alone is the source of truth concerning the character
of God, the nature of man, the way of salvation, and the hope of heaven. Declaring
Scripture's truth is our highest privilege as Christ's ambassadors.

Thus, the central ministry of New Life Fellowship Church is the continuous imparting of
Biblical truth to the people of God that they may know God and glorify Him through life
and service.



This means we take seriously the Great Commission, "Go and make disciples of all
nations." Without compromising the sovereignty of God, we affirm the responsibility of
each person to repent and believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and our
responsibility to extend the Gospel invitation as a call to salvation to everyone who
hears its message. We invite all, without distinction, to drink freely of the Water of
Life and to live eternally. In this way, we seek to "extend the transforming presence of
the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ."

The word "reformed" can be defined simply in two ways: 1) It is a reference to our
historical link to the Reformation of the 16th century and intends to describe us as
the heirs of that tradition which comes from Luther, Calvin, Knox and other reformers.
2) The word "reformed" is used most commonly to refer to certain theological
distinctives which have marked reformation believers, particularly those in the
Calvinist tradition.

These distinctives can be summarized by our glad affirmation of the responsibility of
every person to repent and believe, and that it is God who, by His sovereign electing
grace, draws men and women, otherwise dead in sin, to faith in His Son. By this faith
alone are God's people justified.

Reformed distinctives include the sovereignty of God in His creation, providence and
election of believers apart from any merit of their own; the irresistible grace of God
provided for and preceding the faith of the individual; the sufficiency of God's grace
apart from which man is dead in sin and wholly defiled in all his faculties of soul and
body; the efficacy of Christ's death for all those who believe in Him by grace; the
safe-guarding of all those for whom Christ died for eternal life.

We seek to hold to our reformed convictions humbly, recognizing the sincerity and
earnestness of Godly men and women who have other positions.

This means that we have a written confession of faith which we believe to be a good
and accurate summary of the Bible's teaching. Our confession consists of the
Hampshire Confession of Faith. This document is not without flaw; yet we believe it
does contain carefully worded summaries of the Bible's content. All ruling and
teaching elders in New Life Fellowship Church must vow that they hold to these
standards and are required to indicate to Church Leadership where they take
exceptions. It is important to note that every church has a confession, formal or
informal, even though some claim they have "no confession but Christ" or "no creed
but the Bible." Every church summarizes its convictions in some form in order to
distinguish its members from those who are not believers or those who do not believe
in their church's distinctives.

To say we are covenantal means we believe that the unifying principle of the
Scriptures is the one covenant of grace that God made with Adam, Noah, Abraham,
Moses, David and finally, and most importantly, in Jesus Christ. The covenant is a
pledge or bond of loyalty which God made to His people through each of the above
named persons. The covenant is a relationship of loving loyalty that God has initiated
with us as His people throughout human history. To speak of the unity of the
covenants means that there is one way and one way only to salvation in both Old
and New Testaments-that is, by faith alone in Jesus Christ. This covenantal
understanding of the Bible is in distinction from any system of organizing the
Scriptures which would attribute differing ways of salvation to a succession of
historical Biblical eras.

The Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood affirms our
understanding and position related to the roles of men and women. We count this as
one of our distinctives for New Life Fellowship Church due to the increase in
misunderstanding which has led to incorrect attitudes and actions both in the home
and Church. A rediscovery of the God ordained roles of men and women is one of
the core values for this ministry.

We believe that the Kingdom of God is not only a future hope but is also a present
reality. We believe that the ascension of Jesus Christ means that He is presently
reigning from Heaven and, therefore, we are called upon to honor and obey Him in
every area of our personal lives and to plant the banner of Christ's Kingdom rule in
every area of human endeavor.
Welcome to
New Life Fellowship Church,
Vernon Hills, IL
Pastor Louis C. Love, Jr.

"I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; I equip you, though you do not know me, that people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord, and there is no other."
—Isaiah 44:5-6

June 2015 Conference
June 25-27, 2015